Benchwork for Our O Gauge Model Railroad Layout

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Building Benchwork for Our
O Gauge Model Railroad Layout

in a Spare Bedroom

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Benchwork for an O Gauge Model Railroad layout.

After deciding where to build a model railroad layout, one of the next steps is to decide how to build your model railroad layout.
There are many styles of model railroad benchwork (the tables on which the model railroad track is laid), and we chose a simple, modular design that allows us to build it in a garage and simply assemble it in the spare bedroom.
Check out construction details of the benchwork for our O Gauge Model Railroad Layout in a Spare Bedroom.

Free Plans of Narrow Gauge Railroad Enclosed Water Tower

East Broad Top Railroad Cole’s Station

Last Surviving Enclosed Water Tower

On the Narrow Gauge Pennsylvania Coal Railroad

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Enclosed water tower,  East Broad Top Railroad

Located at East Broad Top Railroad mile marker 24.3, one-half mile east of Coles Valley Road, near the town of Saltillo in Huntingdon County, the Coles Station, Pennsylvania, water tank is the last surviving enclosed water station along the coal-hauling narrow gauge railroad’s right-of-way. Enclosing the water tank made it possible to keep the water from freezing during Pennsylvania’s harsh winter months with nothing more than the heat of a small coal-fired stove.

We have free downloadable plans of the this historic Cole’s Station enclosed water tank that would be a perfect trackside structure to scratch-build for a steam-era model railroad layout, or even as an abandoned structure on a more modern era model railroad layout.

Which O Gauge Model Railroad Track is Right for Me?

Deciding on what O Gauge Track Model Railroad Track To Use

A number of factors are involved in finding the best O Gauge model railroad track for your layout

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Choosing track for your O Gauge model railroad layout is a decision with many factors to consider.

One of the first decisions that needs to be made before you design your O Gauge model railroad layout is what kind of track to use. There are a number of manufacturers making O Gauge track, and some manufacturers make several different styles. And, there are some compatibility issues between different manufacturers’ tracks, or even between different types of track offered by one manufacturer.

So, first, you must understand the different types of track available. Our page Choosing Track for an O Gauge Model Railroad Layout explains the different types of track, and offers links to further pages and breakdown the differences in greater detail.

The first difference between O Gauge model railroad track types is explained on our O Gauge vs. O-27 Gauge page.

Budget is where the rubber hits the road when designing an O Gauge model railroad layout. What you have to spend is often a limiting factor in choosing what track you will use our page O Gauge Model Railroad Track Price Comparison compares the most popular types of track with each other in terms of affordability.

Spare Bedroom O Gauge Project Layout Runs!

An impending visit from the grandkids led our crew of gandy dancers to finish laying track on the mainline of our spare bedroom O gauge project layout. I snagged a couple Plasticville buildings from the kids’ layout for scenery:

Read more about our O Gauge Model Railroad Layout Project

Kicking off an O Gauge Model Railroad Project

Decisions when designing a Model Railroad Layout

Just like prototype railroads, model railroads are all about location

After years of not having room for an O gauge model railroad layout, I finally moved into a new house that has enough room for an O gauge model railroad layout – in fact, several rooms from which to choose – and now I’ve got a major decision to make: location, location, location.

Free Model Railroad Layout Plans, O gauge, Lionel MTH Atlas
Prototype railroads, such as the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe chose their routes to use the least amount of track to serve the greatest number of customers. Not always easy when you are crossing the Rocky Mountains.

Where prototype railroads search for the best possible route that would use the least possible track, my goals are to create the largest amount of track through the most challenging route.

So, where can I create the best model railroad layout: a spare bedroom, or a spare stall in the garage?

Follow through the decision-making process with us as we embark on creating our O Gauge Model Railroad Layout project.