Free Plans of Monon’s Erecting and Machine Shops

Model Railroads Need Maintenance Facilities

A great prototype erecting & machine shop for your model railroad layout

Free Model Railroad Plans Monongahela Erecting Machine Car Shops
The Monongahela Railroad Erecting Shops

Roundhouses for locomotive maintenance are common on steam-era model railroad layouts, but much of the heavy rebuilding work was actually done in a separate erecting shop, which usually had a machine shop attached or very close nearby for fabricating the many replacement parts needed by a steam locomotive.

The Monongahela Railroad erecting shop at Brownsville, Pennsylvania is a great example of such a shop that could be built on a model railroad layout. With the large window areas, the Monon erecting and machine shops would be great for a model with detailed interiors. Placed close to the front of a model railroad layout and provided with interior lighting, the model would be an impressive focal point on any model pike.