Smith-Sherlock Store Has Old-West Charm

Smith-Sherlock General Store

Turn-of-the-Century Structure Exudes Old-West Charm

Perfect for Turn-of-the-Century Model Railroad Layout

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Smith_Sherlock general store, South Pass, Wyoming

If you are modeling a turn-of-the-century railroad, our free plans of the Smith-Sherlock store in South Pass, Wyoming are the starting point of a perfect structure for the commercial district. It exudes that old-west charm with its log construction on three sides and frame construction on the false-front facade. Even if the period of your model railroad layout is later, the store would be great as an abandoned building harkening back to an earlier era, or a museum (the use for which the real building is currently tasked).

Industrial Buildings Add Purpose to Model Rairoads

Put Your Model Railroad to Work Hauling Freight

Industry gives your model railroad purpuse

Grain elevators fit into almost any model railroad theme

free model railroad plans grain elevator Armour's warehouse
Armour’s Warehouse, a typical grain elevator.

To maintain a hobbyist’s interest, a model railroad layout must be about more than watching a toy train chasing its tail around an oval of track. Prototype railroads exist for a purpose: to move freight and passengers from one point to another. A model railroad designed to simulate the same purpose will be much more interesting, and more likely to remain an active part of a hobbyist’s leisure time activities. To simulate the movement of freight, a model railroad must have freight producers and freight consumers; in other words: Industry. But how do you decide what industry to model on your layout? Grain elevators can fit in just about any model railroad theme. Anywhere there is a flat patch of land, farmers will try to grow crops on it. And every region of the country is in need of a constant source of grain to feed its citizens. And when it comes to grain elevators, Armour’s Warehouse in Seneca, Illinois, the largest and oldest of the remaining grain elevators on the Illinois and Michigan Canal, provides an unmistakable silhouette. Grain elevators such as this one served as an “intermediary industry” between producers and consumers. They were storage facilities for grain brought by local farmers for shipment to large “terminal” elevators in major cities, which shipped to bakeries or packagers for smaller wholesale or retail quantities. Our Armour’s Warehouse Free Plans page offers high-resolution downloadable plans that can be printed out to any scale, giving the model railroader everything he needs for a scratch-building project that will make his or her model railroad layout stand out from the crowd.

Free Plans of Narrow Gauge Railroad Enclosed Water Tower

East Broad Top Railroad Cole’s Station

Last Surviving Enclosed Water Tower

On the Narrow Gauge Pennsylvania Coal Railroad

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Enclosed water tower,  East Broad Top Railroad

Located at East Broad Top Railroad mile marker 24.3, one-half mile east of Coles Valley Road, near the town of Saltillo in Huntingdon County, the Coles Station, Pennsylvania, water tank is the last surviving enclosed water station along the coal-hauling narrow gauge railroad’s right-of-way. Enclosing the water tank made it possible to keep the water from freezing during Pennsylvania’s harsh winter months with nothing more than the heat of a small coal-fired stove.

We have free downloadable plans of the this historic Cole’s Station enclosed water tank that would be a perfect trackside structure to scratch-build for a steam-era model railroad layout, or even as an abandoned structure on a more modern era model railroad layout.

Free Plans of Monon’s Erecting and Machine Shops

Model Railroads Need Maintenance Facilities

A great prototype erecting & machine shop for your model railroad layout

Free Model Railroad Plans Monongahela Erecting Machine Car Shops
The Monongahela Railroad Erecting Shops

Roundhouses for locomotive maintenance are common on steam-era model railroad layouts, but much of the heavy rebuilding work was actually done in a separate erecting shop, which usually had a machine shop attached or very close nearby for fabricating the many replacement parts needed by a steam locomotive.

The Monongahela Railroad erecting shop at Brownsville, Pennsylvania is a great example of such a shop that could be built on a model railroad layout. With the large window areas, the Monon erecting and machine shops would be great for a model with detailed interiors. Placed close to the front of a model railroad layout and provided with interior lighting, the model would be an impressive focal point on any model pike.

Free Plan of A.T.S.F. Hardeman Pass Depot

Free model railroad plan A.T.S.F. depot Hardeman Pass
A.T.S.F. depot at Hardeman Pass, Texas

Looking for a passenger depot for your model railroad that has lots of Southwest flavor? Check out our plans for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad passenger depot at Hardeman Pass, Texas.

Originally built for the The Kansas City, Mexico and Orient Railroad in 1909, it became headquarters for A.T.S.F. San Angelo operations when the entire line was absorbed into the A.T.S.F. system in 1929. It was abandoned when passenger service ended in 1965.