Free Plan of a Western Maryland Railroad Deck Plate Girder Bridge

Western Maryland Railroad Bridge No. 1276

A great bridge to scratch-build for your model railroad layout

Free Model Railroad Plan bridge plate girder, western Maryland
Western Maryland Railroad Sideling Hill Crossing,
a great bridge for your model railroad layout

Bridge No. 1276, the Sideling Hill Creek Crossing is small by comparison with some of the other bridges on the Western Maryland Railroad’s Cumberland division, but that small size makes it perfect for inclusion on a model railroad.

The structure is a 145′-long bridge consisting of two deck plate girder spans carrying a single track on a slight curve, nearly 50′ above the creek bed.

Completed from these free plans to prototype specifications, it would be a center of interest on a portion of a model railroad layout near the viewer. If intended for a spot nearer the background, much of the interior bracing could be eliminated and it would still be a great scale bridge for your model railroad layout.