Free Plans of a Simple Warren Truss Bridge

Free Plans of a Warren Truss Bridge

Perfect for a Model Railroad Layout

Free model railroad bridge plan, A simple Warren truss bridge, Range Line Road Bridge in Antigo Wisconsin
A simple Warren truss bridge, Range Line Road Bridge in Antigo Wisconsin. (left-click to see full-size image; then right-click and choose “save image as” to download it)

Although built for vehicular traffic rather than railroad use, The Range Line Road Bridge, a single-span Warren standard truss bridge, would be a great subject for a model railroad layout.

The simple bridge could be adapted for a branch line track bridging a small creek or gulley, or for a roadway overpass.

It’s simple design would be easily replicated using sheet and angle stock, either brass, or for the ultimate ease of construction, styrene.

Which O Gauge Model Railroad Track is Right for Me?

Deciding on what O Gauge Track Model Railroad Track To Use

A number of factors are involved in finding the best O Gauge model railroad track for your layout

Model Railroad, track, O Gauge, Lionel Atlas, MTH
Choosing track for your O Gauge model railroad layout is a decision with many factors to consider.

One of the first decisions that needs to be made before you design your O Gauge model railroad layout is what kind of track to use. There are a number of manufacturers making O Gauge track, and some manufacturers make several different styles. And, there are some compatibility issues between different manufacturers’ tracks, or even between different types of track offered by one manufacturer.

So, first, you must understand the different types of track available. Our page Choosing Track for an O Gauge Model Railroad Layout explains the different types of track, and offers links to further pages and breakdown the differences in greater detail.

The first difference between O Gauge model railroad track types is explained on our O Gauge vs. O-27 Gauge page.

Budget is where the rubber hits the road when designing an O Gauge model railroad layout. What you have to spend is often a limiting factor in choosing what track you will use our page O Gauge Model Railroad Track Price Comparison compares the most popular types of track with each other in terms of affordability.